Lockheed Martin has completed a key requirements review for the global positioning system (GPS) IIIB satellite series under the USAF’s GPS III space segment programme.

GPS III will improve position, navigation and timing services, and provide advanced anti-jam capabilities to yield better system security, accuracy and reliability to the positioning system.

The GPS IIIB will also enable a cross-linked command and control architecture, allowing GPS III vehicles to be updated from a single ground station.

The current GPS vehicles includes a new international civil signal (L1C) and increased M-code anti-jam power with full earth coverage for military users.

The firm will also produce up to 12 GPS IIIA satellites, with the first launch scheduled for 2014, under a $3bn contract.

The contract includes a capability insertion programme (CIP) to mature technologies and perform rigorous systems engineering for the future IIIB and IIIC increments.