The US Air Force will expand its C-130 Hercules training fleet with additional planes from the air national guard and air force reserve squadrons.

USAF secretary Michael Bruce Donley said the air force would establish an air reserve component training unit at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas.

“This will include the temporary movement of some air national guard and air force reserve aircraft to establish an ARC C-130 formal training unit to meet the air force’s total force training needs,” he said.

Air force reserve chief Lt. Gen. Charles E Stenner Jr said the air force reserve would meet the air force’s operational and training mission requirements.

“Guard and reserve crews are well versed in a variety of C-130 mission sets and are certainly well qualified for this training mission,” he said.

Air national guard director Lt. Gen. Harry Wyatt said that this partnership would assist the air force in training qualified total force C-130 crews.

Donley said that new C-130J Super Hercules would continue to enter the air force as C-130 training requirements decrease, allowing the temporarily relocated C-130s from air guard and reserve components to return to their home units.