Indonesia, in a bid to modernise its air force, plans to replace its aging Hawk Mk 53 trainer aircraft, acquire new armaments and enhance its radar systems.

Indonesian Air Force commander Air Marshall Imam Sufaat said that budget proposals to acquire new trainer aircraft and replace the air force’s aging anti-insurgency plane the OV-10 Bronco was submitted to the Defence Ministry in 2008 and 2009.

The air force is considering replacing its trainer jets with the Czech Republic’s L-159B, Russia’s Yak-130, Italy’s Aermacchi M346, China’s Chengdu FTC-2000/JL-9 and South Korea’s B50.

The air force will also develop the ground control interception radar in Biak and early warning (EW) radar systems in Timika and Merauke.

The air force has also proposed the aquisition of anti-air attack batteries, reconnaissance planes and armaments for its fighter aircraft.

The air force is currently evaluating companies from South Korea, Brazil, the Czech Republic, France, the US, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, South Africa, the UK, Yugoslavia, Russia and China to procure such products.