Sikorsky Military Systems and Elbit Systems have successfully completed the Armed Black Hawk demonstrator programme, which is the proof-of concept for the development of the Battlehawk helicopter.

Aimed to produce an armed demonstrator for evaluation by the Israeli Air Force, an electro-optical guided missile, a laser-guided missile, a new laser-guided rocket system, and a 20mm turreted gun were tested during the ABH demonstrator programme.

Following production completion, the Battlehawk helicopter will feature a full suite of armed reconnaissance and attack capabilities, including an integrated helmet display electro optic payload.

The Battlehawk helicopter will also have weapons options that will include missiles, rockets, and fixed forward and turreted guns.

All the new features will be available on new-build aircraft or as a kit with retrofitting options onto existing Battlehawk helicopter platforms.

The Battlehawk helicopter will be used in missions such as troop transport, search and rescue, and disaster relief, and will provide medium-lift capability and firepower to troops.