Northrop Grumman will integrate Phase II of the Host Based Security System (HBSS) for the US Air Force, under the Network Centric Solutions contract.

The contract has been awarded by the US Air Force Combat Information Transport System (CITS) Program Management Office.

The HBSS 3.0 is an extensive security solution upgrade to the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet), the backbone in the US defence network for the transfer of classified data.

Under the $17.6m contract, the company will plan, design, integrate, test, configure, train, document and deploy HBSS 3.0 to better protect data over the SIPRNet, for nearly 263 active duty air force bases and Air National Guard sites across the world.

The security system provides system administrators to prepare for situational awareness and reduce or eliminate the impact of cyber attacks, to provide vital network capabilities to warfighters.

Previously, Northrop partnered with McAfee to successfully deploy Phase I throughout the air force and Air National Guard sites, to protect data over the unclassified network, known as the Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network.

HBSS will be eventually installed on all unclassified and classified networks.

Northrop has partnered with McAfee and its reseller CDWG of Chicago, and Innove of San Antonio for the Phase II programme.