The US Air Force has partnered with a Swedish consortium led by Försvarets Materielverk (FMV) to develop nanotechnologies for US aircraft and the Swedish Gripen.

The aim of the alliance is to identify improved technologies and systems to manufacture electronic micro-components up to 300 times smaller than current industry standards.

Uppsala-based ÅAC Microtec (formerly Angstrom Aerospace), the agreement’s main nanotechnology partner, will be tasked with finding nanosolutions to reduce printed circuit board parts and component sizes as well as reducing the size and weight of on-board computers, sensor systems and electronic warfare equipment.

FMV, Sweden’s defence materials agency, will providing technical and financial support for the development.

The contract will also see Sweden become the first country to deploy the Space Plug and Play Avionics standard for miniaturising and developing interfaces for electronics systems, including electronic aviation-related microcomponents.