The US Air Force has ordered a Merlin aircraft birdstrike avoidance radar system for Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

The system will be deployed to provide real-time 3D monitoring of airspace around the airfield to provide bird strike warnings to air traffic controllers and pilots.

The Merlin SS200m system includes DeTect’s new-generation MERLIN SharpEye solid-state bird radar sensors that detect hazardous bird activity up to eight miles and 360° around the airfield in all weather conditions.

The military series Merlin unit also includes a Kevlar hardened electronics / technician cabin, redundant dual-range processors, dual power units, military desert paint scheme and Milspec off-road construction.

DeTect CEO Gary Andrews said that the Bagram MERLIN system is the first use of bird radar technology in a war zone.

The system originally developed for US Air Force and NASA has three units installed to date at US airbases.

The system will be operational by the end of 2009.