Boeing will build a C-17 distributed training centre (DTC) at Scott Air Force Base to act as a hub linking other ten existing C-17 training sites in the US.

The ten training sites will maintain their existing connections to the distributed mission operations (DMO) network thus allowing military aircraft training sites across the world to connect with one another for large-scale, high-fidelity training operations.

The C-17 Globemaster is a long-haul military transport aircraft used for transporting equipment, supplies and troops to small airfields and harsh terrains.

DMO Air Mobility Command programme manager Sean Carey said the capability will allow the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command to conduct continuation and mission qualification training, execute mission rehearsal operations, develop tactics and participate in large force exercises in a realistic environment at a fraction of live-fly costs and with very little risk.

The C-17 specific DTC will expand current C-17 DMO capabilities, enabling higher-fidelity aircrew training and constant training network capability.

Boeing Training Systems and Services vice president Mark McGraw said that expanding AMC’s DMO capability allows for interoperability between simulators within AMC, as well as between AMC and other air force major commands, and joint and coalition partners.

“Mission-ready C-17 aircrews are essential to global security. This programme ensures that they will receive the most realistic, comprehensive training available,” McGraw said.

Boeing expects to deliver the DTC in January 2012.