The Saudi Arabian Government has put in a request to the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency to upgrade aircraft within the Royal Saudi Air Force

The Saudi Arabian government has requested communication navigation and surveillance / air traffic management upgrades for the Royal Saudi Air Force’s fleet of 13 RE-3, KE-3, and E-3 aircraft from the US in two phases.

The Saudi Government believes the deal will enable the air force to sustain its current capability, maintain interoperability with the USAF and other coalition forces, and provide flexibility options for future growth.

The deal estimated at $1.5bn will include global positioning system / inertial navigation systems, 8.33kHz very high frequency radios, traffic collision avoidance systems, mode 4/5 identification friend or foe encryption, satellite communications and common secure voice encryptions in the first phase.

The second phase will include installation of digital flight deck instrumentation and displays, flight director system / autopilot, flight management system, cockpit data line message and combat situational awareness information.

The air force will also be supplied with spares and support equipment including flight simulators, engineering support services, technical and logistics support services and other related elements.