The production of the latest variant of the EADS C-212 family, the C-212-400, a turboprop-powered medium military transport aircraft will be shifted entirely to Indonesia from Spain.

During the contract signing in November 2006, EADS CASA signed a preliminary agreement with Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) that envisioned final assembly of C-212-400s taking place in both Indonesia and Spain.

The IAe will now produce and assemble the C-212-400s at its facilities in Bandung and Indonesia.

Production work on the aircraft will get underway after a transfer of tools and technologies to IAe facilities scheduled for completion in January 2010.

The IAe facilities are capable of producing one C-212-400 per month. The first IAe-produced C-212-400 is scheduled to be completed in 2011.

IAe in Indonesia will produce ten C-212-400s for Merpati Nusantara Airlines in Jakarta, Indonesia as per the contract signed between the two organisations in January 2008.