Northrop Grumman has submitted its proposal for the US Air Force (USAF) air and space operations centre (AOC) programme, which features weapon system modernisation efforts to integrate mission services into a common computing environment, built upon a network-centric infrastructure.

The AOC weapon system programme will enhance the speed of command for planning and execution of air and space force operations and enable effective planning for irregular warfare or counter-insurgency operations for the USAF.

The programme, valued at more than $800m over eight years, will minimise the information technology footprint and integrate more than 40 independent programmes into a common computing infrastructure.

Northrop Grumman Information Systems integrated command, control, communications and intelligence systems vice-president Mike Twyman said the company would use the modular open systems approach – competitive (MOSA-C) model, which will make an architecture that facilitates the integration of third-party applications and allows continuous lifecycle refresh.

The Northrop team for the programme includes Accenture, Intelligent Software Solutions, Applied Minds, Bosh Global Services, DMM Ventures and Layer 7 Technologies.