The Italian Air Force (AMI) has inaugurated the first of 12 RAT31 DL fixed air defence radar (FADR) systems with the 112th remote radar Squadron of Mortara (Pavia).

The Selex Sistemi Integrati (SSI), developed RAT31-DL, is a long-range air surveillance radar system which will reportedly become the primary component of Nato’s air defence.

SSI will also provide the air force with two RAT31-DL/M (deployable air defence radar-DADR) mobile radar systems.

FADR is the carrying structure of the programme with which AMI has started replacing its aerial surveillance systems.

Replacing the systems will ensure the availability of the frequencies necessary for the introduction of the new worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WI-MAX) technology for high-speed wireless internet access in Italy.

To date, nine countries have acquired the system, seven of which are Nato members.