The US Air Force’s (USAF) development of the next-generation mobile, long-range surveillance and ballistic missile defence radar has achieved another milestone as Lockheed Martin has completed the second and final capability demonstration of the radar.

The 3D expeditionary long-range radar (3DELRR) will serve as the principal long-range, ground-based sensor for detecting, identifying, tracking, and reporting aircraft and missiles for the USAF.

The system will replace the USAF AN/TPS-75 air surveillance radar.

During the demonstration, Lockheed Martin unveiled a functioning system prototype to the Air Force as proof of the radar’s maturity.

The demonstration for the 3DELRR forms part of the $25m, 20-month technology development contract awarded in May 2009.

Lockheed Martin completed an initial demonstration in March 2010 and an initial preliminary design review in October 2010.