CAE has received a contract from Havelsan to supply its image generator for Turkish Air Force fighter aircraft simulators.

Under the contract, CAE will deliver 190 Medallion-6000 image generators for a range of Turkish Air Force flight simulators.

The Medallion-6000 image generator will be used on flight simulators for the air force’s F-16 fighter, T-38 jet trainer and KT-1T basic trainer.

The image generators will be integrated with full-mission simulators, weapons tactics trainers, and a forward air controller trainer for the air force’s F-16 fighter.

Each of the F-16 full-mission simulators will include a 25-channel Medallion-6000 image generator with a 360°×135° field-of-view dome display.

The Medallion-6000 image generator will also be integrated with instrument flight trainers and operational flight trainers of the T-38 and KT-1T training devices.