The Nato Eurofighter Tornado Development, Production and Logistics Management Agency (NETMA) has signed a contract to procure 20 latest generation Eurofighter Typhoon jets for Spain.

The contract was signed between NETMA general manager Miguel Ángel Martín Pérez, Eurofighter CEO Carlo Mancusi and Eurojet Turbo CEO Gerhard Baehr at ILA Berlin Airshow 2022.

Also known as the Halcon contract, it will support the modernisation of the Spanish Air Force’s existing fleet of Eurofighter Typhoon jets.

Under the contract, Spain will receive 16 single-seater and four twin-seater aircraft equipped with electronically scanned (E-Scan) radar.

The total value of the latest acquisition is approximately $2.155bn (€2.043bn) and was approved by the Spanish Council of Ministers in December last year.

Apart from the delivery of 20 new aircraft, the approved funds also include acquisition of a simulator, engines and other necessary support services.

The fleet of new aircraft will replace the Spanish Air Force’s F-18 aircraft operated from Gando Air Base, Canary Islands.

With the latest order, the Spanish Eurofighter fleet will now include a total of 90 aircraft.

Delivery of the first aircraft is expected to happen in 2026.

Pérez said: “Complementarily with other emerging European fighter programmes, Eurofighter and EJ200 engine offer a proven, modern and reliable capability with potential for future growth based on an experience of over 35 years.”

The partner companies in the programme are Airbus Defence & Space, BAE Systems, Leonardo – Aircraft Division.

The aircraft will be assembled, tested and delivered at the Airbus Getafe site in Spain, while BAE Systems takes the lead for the overall design, development, manufacturing, upgrade and support in the UK.