MASS has helped support Exercise Titanium Falcon 22 with the UK Joint Force Air Component (JFAQ) Headquarters at RAF High Wycombe.

In the integrated multinational joint task force missions, the exercise with the Royal Air Force (RAF) was building on the previous TF21 activity. MASS supplied training tailored to the HQ’s training objectives and focused on the operational level of air command and control (C2).

With the training, MASS supplied mentors for each phase of the exercise and a comprehensive simulation system – the US Marine Corps-developed Marine Air Ground Tactical Warfare Simulation (MTWS), which allowed for accurate simulations, including simulated opposition. Based on a fictitious scenario, TF22 was broken down into specific JFAC division-level training, covering the critical stages of air C2 planning. 

MASS training support head Steve Townsend said the exercise demonstrates the company’s ability to organise and execute large-scale training programmes for the military. 

MASS head of training support Steve Townsend said: “Today’s dynamic defence environment means that training, particularly for large-scale collaborative missions, has never been more important for a successful mission outcome. 

“The effectiveness of integrated multinational joint task force missions is crucial, and through simulation-based exercises, experience can be gained and lessons learned in preparation for potential operations.”

The exercise supported the core JFAC exercise team during the coordination and management of the event, including scenario and master event list development. For the exercise, MASS provided a scalable representation of joint operations and exercise control with a 360-degree view to provide required capabilities across all simulated environments.

The company is a subsidiary of Cohort, which acquired MASS in 2006.