The US Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) has selected LogicHub to deliver an Intelligent Decision Automation Platform (iDAP) prototype to the US Air Force (USAF).

LogicHub will provide automated alert triage that harnesses the power of machine learning (ML).

Acting as a virtual operator, the technology will reduce the time taken by cyber operators to address suspected activity on the Air Force Network (AFNET).

It is expected to have an improved accuracy greater than 95%.

Powered by LogicHub, the iDAP will automate decision-making processes to detect suspicious behaviour, including compromised user accounts and endpoints, data exfiltration and insider access abuse.

Under the contract, the platform will deliver ML-based automated decision-making, automated alert triage at scale and deep detection capabilities.

The automated platform will combine human expertise with ML to efficiently make decisions.

It functions by combining alert triage, incident response and threat hunting.

Once delivered, the solution will provide new opportunities for LogicHub through a production other transaction (OT) agreement.

LogicHub co-founder Monica Jain said: “LogicHub’s Decision Automation Platform uniquely combines human tribal knowledge with our deep analytics engine powered by machine learning techniques to make automated decisions for complex alerts with greater accuracy at scale.

“We are excited to extend our proven technology from many large commercial enterprises, now to the DoD and the airforce to provide intelligent decision-making via automation.

“Throughout the engagement process, from solicitation to contract award, the DIU team has been extremely responsive and helpful, guiding us through every phase of the commercial solutions opening process.”