In a move towards bolstering the operational efficiency of Romania’s F-16 fleet, Derco, a Lockheed Martin company, has joined forces with Aerostar to streamline maintenance processes. 

The agreement, focused on repairing landing gear, wheels and brakes, reduces lead times and enhances Romania’s position in the aerospace and defence industry.

Romania’s top defence priorities are building up an inventory of F-16 fighter aircraft, modernising the country’s corvettes and upgrading the military’s infrastructure, according to GlobalData’s Romania Defence Market 2023–2028 report.

Derco’s president and general manager, Todd Morar, said: “We are proud to be the latest Lockheed Martin business to partner with Romania through this new agreement with Aerostar. Derco’s technology solution that we are sharing with Aerostar will ensure the readiness, effectiveness and safety of Romanian military personnel operating F-16 fighter jets.”

According to GlobalData’s intelligence on the global military fixed-wing aircraft market 2023–2033, Lockheed Martin is set to account for the highest revenue share, $62.8bn (€57.42bn), in Europe over the forecast period with a 23.4% share of the European market.

Aerostar’s president and CEO, Grigore Filip, highlighted the company’s commitment. “Aerostar will provide maintenance and repair activities required for new aircraft fleets in Romania and the region,” he said. “We want to strengthen Romania’s position in this market and rely on our technical capabilities and knowledge.”

This agreement follows the inauguration of the first European F-16 training centre at Fetești Air Base. Lockheed Martin supports Romania’s Ministry of Economy in strengthening the aerospace and defence industry. 

The Netherlands has recently stationed five F-16 fighter jets at Romania’s European F-16 training centre. These jets will train Ukrainian and Romanian pilots for missions.