Lockheed Martin Corp., headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, has been granted a significant F-35 contract modification worth $606.8m. 

The contract falls under a previously awarded advanced acquisition agreement and aims to procure long lead time materials, components, and efforts necessary to sustain the on-schedule production and delivery of 173 Lot 19 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. 

According to GlobalData’s “US Defense Market 2022-2027” report, the F-35 Lightning II is an extensive program designed to provide the US and its allies with a fifth-generation combat aircraft with stealth and strike capabilities.

These aircraft are intended for international foreign military sales (FMS) customers and non-U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) participants. The project’s completion is anticipated by January 2028, with diverse locations contributing to its execution.

Work on this initiative will be distributed across various locations, with Fort Worth, Texas, leading the effort at 59% allocation. El Segundo, California, follows at 14%, while Warton, United Kingdom, accounts for 9% of the workload. 

Cameri, Italy and Orlando, Florida, contribute 4% each, with Nashua, New Hampshire and Baltimore, Maryland taking up 3% each. San Diego, California and multiple international locations outside the continental US participate with a combined 2% effort. 

There have been multiple recent developments worldwide. For example, Lockheed Martin facilitated Germany’s F-35 integration with a $622.3m contract last week, whilst Lockheed Martin was also involved in funding for helmet-mounted display system requirements and advanced long lead time hardware, contributing to the continued development of the F-35 aircraft. 

The awarded funds, totalling $606.8m, include $329.5m from FMS customers and $277.3m from non-US DOD participants. These funds will be obligated at the time of the award without any expiration at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Air Systems Command, headquartered in Patuxent River, Maryland, oversees the contract.

In other international F-35 procurement news within the last year, the Czech Republic sought after F-35 aircraft and munitions in a sale valued at up to $5.62bn, and Israel has moved to acquire a third squadron of F-35A fighters