In defence training, Inzpire Limited’s collective training division has clinched a two-year contract to enhance the qualified weapons instructor (command and control) course at RAF Boulmer. 

The contract will see Inzpire’s staff collaborate closely with 20 Squadron to deliver specialised command and control support, reaffirming their commitment to bolstering the RAF’s capabilities.

Over the next two years, Inzpire’s synthetic and live training specialists from CTD will lend their knowledge to support all QWI (C2) course phases, encompassing planning, courseware development, exercise scenario creation, and live and synthetic training execution.

Inzpire’s involvement extends beyond the QWI (C2) course. Their staff, stationed within 20 Squadron, will also contribute to the combat-ready operator’s course (CROC). 

Supporting the RAF’s growth

This program equips qualified operators from 19 and 20 Squadrons with advanced tactical air command and control and battle management skills, including the tactical control of fighter aircraft in complex, contested joint air operations scenarios. 

The pinnacle of CROC is exercise Cerberus Revenge, a capstone synthetic training event that prepares students for major live flying exercises and global contingent operations.

It’s noteworthy that the QWI (C2) closely collaborates with the QWI (combat air) (QWI (CA)), which provides combined training for Typhoon and Lightning pilots based at RAF Coningsby and RAF Marham. Inzpire already has personnel embedded at both locations, performing roles akin to those at Boulmer. 

These two courses culminate in Exercise Storm Warrior before students complete Exercise Cobra Warrior, designed and delivered by Inzpire on 92 Squadron at the air and space warfare centre.

From Typhoon to F-35 and beyond

Inzpire’s experience with 20 Squadron is rooted in their delivery of qualified weapons instructor courses for the UK’s Typhoon, Reaper, and F-35 fleets, ensuring training consistency across various RAF combat force elements.

Inzpire won a contract in 2018 to provide lightning F-35 requirements managers for the UK Lightning F-35 programme, where personnel from Inzpire worked alongside uniformed Royal Air Force and Royal Navy requirement managers. 

In 2018, QinetiQ acquired Inzpire for £23.5m. As part of the agreement, QinetiQ took control of an initial 85% stake in Inzpire but has since acquired the company’s remaining shares.

Richard Tattersall, head of Collective Training Division, expressed his honour at being entrusted with this task, stating, “This work will complement the work done by our teams supporting combat air and reaper QWICs. 

Whilst these contracts are separate, our teams work collegially to ensure the RAF receives the very best coordinated training; there are synergies and benefits to this approach for the students, staff, and RAF. We very much look forward to working with 20 Sqn.”

Wg Cdr Rob Machin, OC 20 Sqn, also expressed excitement about this partnership, highlighting Inzpire’s strong reputation for developing advanced air combat exercises and providing synthetic training support.

He added, “This partnership will help to drive further advancements in our Combat Ready training and enhance our collective readiness for peer-level air warfighting.”

July this year, Aeralis and Inzpire signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop an Aeralis aircraft service capability and technical offering in the context of the fast jet training and support market.