L3Harris, the global aerospace and defence technology company, has completed the first flight of the missionised EC-37B Compass Call Cross Deck aircraft.

The successful four-hour flight was conducted at L3Harris’ Waco, Texas, modification centre, marking a milestone for the Compass Call Cross Deck Team.

This industry team, consisting of L3Harris, BAE Systems, and Gulfstream, has integrated the Compass Call electronic attack system from the legacy EC-130H aircraft to the Gulfstream G550 platform, creating the EC-37B.

The new platform provides increased speed, endurance, and extended stand-off range, improving survivability. Completing this first missionised flight is essential to fulfilling the Air Force’s objectives.

The milestone follows an aircraft tour by US Air Force leadership who met with the L3Harris program team to discuss the history of Compass Call, its future mission, and the critical role the Compass Call Cross Deck Team served.

L3Harris will continue flight testing activities in preparation for delivery to the Air Force for its developmental test cycle later this year.

L3Harris has decades of experience missionising and testing aircraft for various operations and multiple platforms, and it develops airborne ISR and EW solutions for US, NATO, and allied forces.

ISR aircraft market is valued at a cumulative investment of $78.6bn. The ongoing procurement of EC-37B Compass Call and E-2D by the US will account for a significant share of the North American market, according to GlobalData’s “The Global Military Fixed-Wing Aircraft Market 2023-2033” report.

With the success of this missionised flight, the Compass Call Cross Deck Team has achieved a significant milestone in developing the EC-37B.

The team’s efforts to integrate the Compass Call system into the Gulfstream G550 platform will enable the Air Force to perform its electronic warfare mission with greater capability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Last month, South Korea approved a plan to develop electronic warfare aircraft. South Korea has endorsed major defence projects to domestically create an electronic warfare aircraft.