US-based modern software delivery platform company Harness has announced its selection for the US Air Force’s (USAF) DevSecOps cloud-based platform, called Platform One.

A Department of Defense-wide enterprise service, Platform One is a collection of approved Cloud Native Computer Foundation-compliant Kubernetes distributions. It aims to expedite the development/deployment of DevSecOps applications, according to USAF.

The latest announcement signifies that the company’s Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Security Testing Orchestration (STO) modules will now be available on Platform One.

This also makes Harness the first comprehensive DevSecOps and CI/CD pipeline solution to be integrated into this platform.

According to Harness, the addition of its modules into Platform One’s authorised container repository, Iron Bank, will further provide a CI solution to the platform, which is around four times faster and more effective than any other CI tool.

Harness CD module is based on artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technology, intelligent rollback, advanced verification, and automates canary and blue/green deployments.

STO also allows developers and DevSecOps teams to run security tests even before the final code artefact is developed.

It delivers immediate feedback, allowing developers to rectify any compliance issues and to support, correlate and deduplicate results from more than 40 integrated application security scanners.

Harness’ solution offers fully automated Continuous Delivery technology, with test and cache intelligence.

Harness adviser and USAF former chief software officer Nic Chaillan said: “Accelerating the continuous delivery of software for the public sector has a tangible impact on mission-critical projects.”

The latest certification is expected to simplify the work of the developers’ team, while concurrently allowing the US Government agencies to increase speed-to-mission capabilities.