GE Aerospace has unveiled plans for over $700m in investment to fortify its engine manufacturing facilities and supply chain, as the company gears up for its impending transition into a standalone entity.

In dual announcements in March it was revealed that the investment included a €64m ($69.3m) portion to be allocated for European engine manufacturing facilities, and $650m earmarked for US manufacturing facilities to strengthen its defence manufacturing capabilities.

The investment plan, slated for implementation across 22 GE Aerospace facilities in 14 states and various locations within five European countries, encompasses a spectrum of initiatives to bolster production and enhance quality standards. The funds will facilitate the acquisition of equipment, building upgrades, and safety enhancements important for meeting the escalating demands of defence contracts.

Among the key beneficiaries of the investment is the Auburn, Alabama, site, which is set to receive a $54m allocation for the expansion of additive manufacturing capabilities. This strategic move aims to ramp up the production of military rotorcraft engine components alongside narrow and widebody commercial aircraft engines.

Bell Textron has chosen General Electric (GE) Aerospace to develop a Common Open Architecture Digital Backbone (COADB), voice and data recorder, and health awareness systems for the US Army’s Bell V-280 Valor, the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) programme’s selected aircraft. 

Furthermore, the Lynn, Massachusetts, site will receive a $30m investment infusion earmarked for engine assembly and testing, primarily to support the production of military helicopter and fighter jet engines. The allocation will optimise existing production processes.

GE Aerospace and StandardAero have also allied to support the Royal Canadian Air Force’s (RCAF) multi-mission aircraft requirement by backing the Boeing P-8A Poseidon. This collaboration ensures the reliability of the P-8’s CFM56-7B engines. 

In addition to domestic investments, GE Aerospace has allocated $100m to bolster its US supply chain, a move aimed at fortifying the network of suppliers essential for sustained growth and operational efficiency. 

With a strong emphasis on defence manufacturing, the company’s investment strategy shows its commitment to supporting the US military and its allies worldwide.

With over 1,000 job openings across its US factories, GE Aerospace is not only investing in infrastructure but also in human capital.