The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded a new contract to California-based satellite communications company E-Space to demonstrate novel communications capabilities.

As part of this contract, the company will showcase a wide range of its ‘unique’ and new generation low-Earth orbit (LEO) space-based communication systems and capabilities.

The effort is being carried out to support the US Space Force (USSF) and the Space Development Agency (SDA).

E-Space founder and CEO Greg Wyler said: “We are proud to have been awarded this contract to demonstrate new technical capabilities needed by warfighters globally.

“With our advanced LEO space system, we will enhance situational awareness through extended satellite coverage – when and where it’s needed most.”

E-Space describes itself as a company that focuses on ‘bridging Earth and space’ by offering a wide variety of sustainable LEO satellite networks. 

E-Space’s global space-based communications platform is designed to connect, track, sense and act on AI-optimised data.

The company said the data is collected from several of its devices that are deployed worldwide to further advance smarter business operations.

E-Space’s secure and resilient sovereign constellations and space systems offer global connectivity to support the country’s multi-domain military forces operations.

In June 2021, the US SDA awarded a contract to General Atomics Electromagnetic to experiment and demonstrate space-to-air optical communication capabilities by using its ‘Laser Interconnect and Networking Communication System’ and an MQ-9 Reaper aircraft.