Embraer, a player in the aerospace industry, has delivered the fifth EMB 145 AEW&C aircraft, now designated as E-99M, to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

This is the first delivery of full operational capability (FOC) configured aircraft, equipped with systems certified for safeguarding national sovereignty and bolstering the country’s defence.

Bosco da Costa Junior, president and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security, highlights the importance of this delivery, stating, “The delivery of the fifth E-99 is an important milestone for the E-99M project. This is the first aircraft delivered in FOC configuration, with systems fully certified for use by the Brazilian Air Force for protecting the country and its national sovereignty.”

The E-99M aircraft, built on the successful ERJ 145 regional jet platform, has undergone upgrades to enhance its AEW&C functions and broaden its capabilities in intelligence, surveillance, and airborne reconnaissance missions. The aircraft’s role spans airspace surveillance, interception control and management, electronic intelligence, and border monitoring.

Notable upgrades include an advanced Erieye radar, command control (C2) systems, electronic warfare (non-communication – NCOM) systems, a new IFF transponder, and mission audio and data recording capabilities. The aircraft’s interior has been revamped to improve crew comfort, featuring redesigned and optimised consoles for the upgraded systems.

With 19.7% of the Latin American market, Embraer SA is projected to be the second largest shareholder in the region, according to GlobalData’s “The Global Military Fixed Wing Aircraft Market 2023-2033” report. 

The collaborative effort involves international partners, with SAAB, Aeroelectronica International (AELI), and Rohde & Schwarz contributing to the E-99M project. Atech, an Embraer subsidiary, is actively developing part of the command-and-control system and six mission planning and analysis stations important for crew training and development.

The EMB 145 AEW&C, which now operates as E-99M, has a global footprint, with air forces in India, Mexico, and Greece also utilising this airborne defence platform. The delivery of the upgraded E-99M contributes to both Brazil’s national defence and international cooperation in airborne surveillance and security.

In 2020, Embraer successfully delivered the first modernised EMB 145 airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft, designated as E-99, to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).