Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer has concluded flight tests of the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS II) for the C-390 Millennium.

The tests were executed at the company’s Gavião Peixoto facility in São Paulo State, Brazil.

The certification campaign was carried out to validate the capabilities of C-390 Millennium multi-mission airlift and air mobility aircraft to perform firefighting operations.

Multiple in-flight water-drops with the C-390 Millennium aircraft were conducted to prove the capability of the MAFFS II firefighting system to integrate with the aircraft.

The tests also demonstrated various aspects of the aircraft’s flight quality and manoeuvrability, which, according to Embraer, are extremely important for conducting such operations at low speeds.

The latest event marks a significant achievement in Embraer’s certification campaign to secure approval from the Brazilian Military Certification Authority for the C-390 MAFFS II capacity.

Once certified, this firefighting ability will be available for all C-390 Millennium operators.

The MAFFS II firefighting system allows the users to deploy approximately 11,300l of water, both in the presence and absence of a fire inhibitor.

This system can work in different types of terrains and in compliance with the standard ground cover level criteria.

It has been designed to communicate with the cargo handling system of the aircraft.

Leveraging its own trailer, the MAFFS II can quickly be installed on the aircraft’s cargo compartment.

This system needs no additional power to operate and uses only the aircraft’s power.

The C-390 Millennium offers mobility and cargo capacity while delivering enhanced comfort, high availability, and optimal management.

The KC-390 Millennium, which is the air-to-air refuelling configuration of C-390 aircraft, received certification from the Brazilian aviation authority Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil in 2018.