Elbit Systems has been awarded a contract to provide direct infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) and airborne electronic warfare (EW) systems to a country in Asia-Pacific.

The contract has an estimated value of $80m and a performance period of two years.

As part of this contract, the company will supply its C-Music DIRCM systems, as well as Infrared-based Passive Airborne Warning Systems (IR-PAWS) for different types of aircraft.

These systems are expected to provide high levels of redundancy and protection to the aircraft.

Elbit Systems ISTAR & EW general manager Oren Sabag said: “The rising threat that aircraft face from shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles increases the demand for certified and operationally proven self-protection systems.

“Our capability to provide a complete and tested solution well positions us to address this growing need.”

According to Elbit Systems, the C-Music DIRCM system is primarily designed to protect large transport aircraft from heat-seeking ground-to-air missiles.

Originally developed for military aircraft and rotorcraft, the C-Music comprises a fibre laser-based DIRCM technology.

This system is contained in a single, fuselage-mounted pod and uses advanced jamming and missile detection techniques for the protection of aircraft.

The low-profile C-Music pod can easily be dismounted and remounted from one aircraft to another.

Elbit Systems’ C-Music has been chosen by various customers, including Germany, Israel, and Nato’s multinational fleet, to equip 25 different types of aircraft.

In May, Elbit Systems was selected by Airbus Defence & Space to equip its J-Music DIRCM system on the European Air Force’s additional fleet of A330-200 Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft.