Edgybees has been awarded a contract for its augmented reality (AR) software solution platform Argus from the US Air Force (USAF).

The contract has been awarded through the USAF’s innovation programme called AFWERX.

Under the contract, Edgybees’s computer vision technology AR software platform Argus will be integrated into the USAF’s systems.

The integration is aimed at enhancing the service’s situational awareness in complex operational scenarios.

In addition, the Argus system will facilitate improved communication for USAF teams on the ground and in the air.

Edgybees has been awarded the contract through AFVentures’ Strategic Financing (STRATFI) programme.

Under the programme, 21 small businesses will be awarded four-year, fixed contracts totalling more than $550m.

The combined worth of contracts includes over $100m in USAF funding, more than $100m in small business innovation research (SBIR) grants and over $350m in private investment.

This contract follows the Phase 2 SBIR contracts awarded to Edgybees by AFWERX last year.

Edgybees’ AR-enabled software platform is designed to provide detailed insights into complex operational environments during missions for commanders.

Using precise, real-time and geospatial information, the platform augments live video footage.

Edgybees CEO and co-founder Adam Kaplan said: “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with AFWERX by providing our visual intelligence technology to bolster the functionality of the USAF’s existing technologies.

“Whether it’s manned or unmanned aircrafts, ground control, or software systems, Edgybees will continue to seamlessly integrate its offering into USAF technologies to provide them with real-time actionable insights that improve precise decision-making in training and operations.