Dedrone has received an extension of its licence agreement with the US Air Force’s FE Warren Air Force Base (AFB) to continue providing its drone tracking platform.

FE Warren AFB in Wyoming uses Dedrone’s DroneTracker solution to detect small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) and ensure airspace security above the base.

The base hosts the 90th Missile Wing (90 MW), which operates the LGM-30G Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The combat-ready force is on alert at all times of the year.

FE Warren has been testing, evaluating and using DroneTracker ever since it was selected as part of a Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) testing phase in June last year.

In a solicitation notice issued earlier this month, the base has announced that it awarded a purchase order to Dedrone on a sole-source basis.

Justifying the sole source procurement decision, FE Warren said: “Without this system, FE Warren AFB will not have a reliable sUAS detection capability for specific areas of interest.

“DroneTracker is the only system which provides passive radio frequency (RF) detection and immediate alerts to the appropriate parties. Loss of this detection capability will adversely affect the installation’s ability to defeat possibly hostile sUAS.”

The base added that it is on a constant search for counter sUAS (C-sUAS) platforms.

Dedrone Federal Operations vice-president Phil Pitsky said: “Unauthorised drone activity at military installation is a threat.

“Drone detection technology is an essential tool for all military installations to allow security forces to assess airspace activity and develop standard procedures to respond appropriately to unauthorised drone incursions.”

DroneTracker is designed to collect and aggregate and provide real-time data on sUAS systems.

The platform can detect, track, and classify drones. If a drone threat is detected, the solution automatically triggers alerts and countermeasures.