Dassault Aviation marks a milestone in its strategic collaboration with Indonesia as the second tranche of 18 Rafale fighter jets enters the order backlog, underscoring the nation’s dedication to strengthening its military capabilities and fostering a robust domestic aeronautical sector.

This agreement between Indonesia and France reflects the deepening partnership between the two countries and underscores the versatile capabilities of the “omnirole” Rafale aircraft, poised to bolster Indonesia’s regional prominence and sovereignty.

Building upon the initial agreement signed in February 2022, encompassing the procurement of 42 Rafale aircraft, this development reinforces the nation’s dedication to bolstering its national defence.

Following the successful entry into force of the first tranche of six Rafale jets in September 2022, this new milestone brings the total number of aircraft on order to 24. The acquisition of these advanced-generation fighter jets elevates Indonesia’s operational independence and sovereignty and shows its commitment to nurturing a domestic aeronautical sector.

Indonesia’s partnership with Dassault Aviation encompasses a “turnkey” solution beyond acquiring aircraft. The collaboration includes an industrial return, facilitating the growth of the Indonesian aeronautical industry.

Dassault Aviation SA occupies 5.6% of the European military fixed-wing aircraft market, anticipating earnings of $15.1 billion, according to GlobalData

Moreover, the engagement encompasses educational initiatives to foster the development of aeronautical expertise within the nation, ensuring a sustainable transfer of technical know-how.

At the heart of this agreement lies the multifaceted capabilities of the “omnirole” Rafale. The Rafale’s versatility, avionics, and advanced weaponry position Indonesia as a significant regional power capable of asserting its influence and safeguarding its interests.

India has also procured the Dassault Rafale and ongoing efforts to develop its indigenous Tejas Mk-2 and AMCA projects, according to GlobalData’s “The Global Military Fixed Wing Aircraft Market 2023-2033“.

Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation, expressed his appreciation for the burgeoning partnership. He stated, “This new step consolidates the beginning of a long-term partnership with the Indonesian authorities, whom I would like to thank once again for their confidence.

It testifies to the strategic link that unites Indonesia and France and will be reflected in the growing presence of Dassault Aviation in the country.”

As Indonesia’s defence capabilities continue to evolve, the collaborative efforts between Dassault Aviation and Indonesia’s authorities serve as a testament to the shared commitment towards technological advancement, national security, and the cultivation of an aeronautical ecosystem.

According to a GlobalData’ Analyst Briefing: France’s push for the Rafale’, on 25th January 2021, France and Greece finalised the purchase of 18 Rafale fighters for the Hellenic Air Force in a€2.5bn ($2.75bn) contract, marking the first European export of Dassault’s Rafale.