The US Air Force (USAF) and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) have commenced construction works for a new vehicle maintenance facility on Whiteman Air Force Base (AFB), Missouri.

The works commenced with a ground-breaking ceremony by the USAF’s 509th Bomb Wing and the Kansas City District USACE.

The 58,000ft² new facility will be around 20,000ft² larger than the old facility.

USACE is working with the 509th Civil Engineer Squadron (CES), the Airmen and civilians that will use the facility to deliver the project.

The scope of the works also includes the disposal of older facilities.

USACE resident engineer Ben Schreiber said: “Getting those that use the facility to help design a new project helps the facility go that extra mile. They are hands-on, they’ve been there and they’ve done that. They know where they need more space and where they don’t.

“Getting that knowledge built into a facility that’s going to be around for 25+years is vital. We’re investing $25m in this project so we want to get the taxpayers’ return on that.

The project is expected to complete by September 2023.

509th CES project manager Scott Fitzgerald said: “The Army Corps of Engineers is the driving force behind this project.

“From both design to solicitation of the contract to implementation and ultimately closing out the project to hand it over to the users when finished, the Army Corps is vital in ensuring these projects run as smoothly as possible.”