US-based defence prime Boeing delivered 39 major platforms across its various programmes in Q1 this year, including helicopters, fighter jets, tankers, and satellites.

The list of significant programme deliveries during Q is as follows: seven AH-64 Apache (new), 13 AH-64 (remanufactured), five CH-47 Chinook (new), one CH-57 Chinook (renewed), two F-15 fighters, seven F/A-18 fighters, one KC-46 tanker, three P-8 maritime patrol aircraft, and three commercial and civil Satellites.

In March 2023, examples included Boeing delivering satellite platforms to network provider ViaSat, whilst also delivering Poseidon aircraft to New Zealand to support the Royal New Zealand Air Force aerial surveillance missions. 

These deliveries signify a significant achievement for Boeing’s defence operations, with the company continuing to meet the demands of its customers in the face of challenging and competitive market conditions.

Boeing is considered the most significant aerospace and defence supplier, alongside Airbus. Brand valuation consultancy, Brand Finance, published its annual report determining that Boeing outmanoeuvred Airbus as the top prime. 

Boeing will provide detailed financial results for the first quarter on 26 April, which is expected to include further insights into the company’s performance during this period.

Despite ongoing challenges and competition in the aerospace industry, Boeing remains a significant player in the defence and security sector, with a strong track record of delivering solutions to its customers.