CACI International has debuted two new technologies as part of its SkyTracker set of counter-uncrewed aircraft system (C-UAS) technology.

CORIAN 2.0 and CORIAN Tactical have been designed to reduce the growing UAS threats.

The systems feature the latest generation of sensors and effectors. SkyTracker technology can identify, track and counter Group 1-5 type UAS threats.

A fixed-site multi-sensor platform, CORIAN 2.0 expands on existing CORIAN technologies with enhanced mechanical design and capability advancements.

The improvements extend the system’s effectiveness, creating an ability for the system to protect from multiple, simultaneous threats from ‘standoff distances’.

It can easily integrate with command and control (C2) systems such as forward area air defence (FAAD) C2.

Meanwhile, CORIAN Tactical system offers both fixed and on-the-move protection from small UAS threats.

The ruggedised system has a customisable and scalable configuration, low size, weight, and power, and precise capabilities.

The capabilities enable the system to provide expanded mission options that can be installed within 60 minutes.

CACI National Security and Innovative Solutions president Todd Probert said: “Backed by the world’s largest threat signals library and over 1,200 sensors globally, our experience mitigating C-UAS threats allows us to offer technology for any C-UAS challenge or mission.

“Our newest platforms contain the most advanced technology available in the market to detect, track and defeat emerging threats to our national security, protecting people and places in any environment.”

CACI will exhibit the new technologies at the AUSA 2021 Annual Meeting and Exposition from 11-13 October.