The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has officially presented its first F-39E Gripen fighter jet developed by Saab.

The aircraft was presented amid the celebrations of Aviators’ Day and the Brazilian Air Force Day. Following the air display, the aircraft flew to the airbase.

On 20 September, the aircraft arrived in the country, following which, it carried out the first flight in the country from Navegantes to Gavião Peixoto as a part of the flight test programme.

In August last year, the first Brazilian Gripen E fighter aircraft completed its maiden flight from Saab’s airfield in Linköping, Sweden.

The activities in Brazil will include flight control and climate control systems tests along with testing in tropical climatic conditions.

Trials will also demonstrate the characteristics of the Brazilian aircraft, which include armaments integration and the Link BR2 communication system.

FAB at Wing 2 in Anápolis will receive the first fighters at the end of next year.

Saab CEO and president Micael Johansson said: “It is a great honour to see Gripen E at the ceremony in celebration to the Aviators’ Day and the Brazilian Air Force Day.

“I do not believe that there is a more appropriate occasion for this presentation, as it certainly means a lot to all Brazilian aviators to have the aircraft flying in the skies of Brazil.

“This is the result of a successful collaboration between Brazil and Sweden, and a great opportunity to further strengthen ties between the two countries.”

In April, Saab conducted cold climate tests for Gripen E multirole fighter aircraft in northern Sweden to examine its operation in adverse climates.