• When Electrical Equipment Should Not Go To Waste

    Defence companies supplying electronics for EU-based contracts could face environmental compliance regulations. In the first of a two-part look at compliance, columnist John Maclean describes what this could mean for...

  • Obama Sets His Sights on Defence

    In his first few months as US President, Barack Obama has sought to build a leaner, more focused war machine. Following the announcement of the new defence budget, Daniel Garrun...

  • Putting Testing and Evaluation Back into R&D

    Funding research into the right technologies suitable for today's warfare is no easy task. Richard B Gasparre reports on how the Pentagon needs to pay attention to its processes.

  • JSF Proves to be Pentagon Pet

    As commissions for the F-22 Raptor fall, it is the JSF that has grabbed the share of the Pentagon's proposed budget. Anthony Beachey reports.

  • Nato at 60: What Next for Air Power?

    As Nato enters its 60th year, how might the role of the alliance's air forces change in years ahead? Air Commodore Garfield Porter of the Joint Air Power Competence Centre...

  • Countermeasures in the Clouds

    Missile makers and countermeasures specialists are engaged in a constant battle to keep ahead of one another. Anthony Beachey asks which of these protagonists currently has the upper hand in...

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