CONTROP’s new EO/IR laser designator LDP payload has been supplied to an important and modern customer based on their most strict requirements. The LDP is a high performance, gyro-stabilized EO/IR payload with a laser designator, weighing only 32kg. The LDP will soon be supplied with a HDTV high definition camera for the day channel together with the continuous optical zoom Lens in the IR Camera, making CONTROP’s LDP the most cost-effective Laser Designator system on the market. As a leader in day/night stabilized camera payloads, CONTROP’s EO/IR payloads have several unique features setting them apart from other payloads on the market, including the IR camera with continuous optical zoom lens, the improved image processing algorithms which are special for battlefield visibility situations and the local AGC features. CONTROP payloads boast a high performance for low weight ratio.

CONTROP’s DSP-1 has been installed and flies on a variety of UAVs, helicopters and fixed wing airplanes. The DSP-1 has been installed on many different aircraft, including but not limited to the Mi-17, Eurocopter Panther AS565 and Puma helicopters. In addition, it has been installed on UAVs including the IAI Scout, Searcher and Aeronautics Aerostar, and fixed wing aircraft such as the CESSNA, as well. It has recently been flown on a small aerostat to the complete delight of CONTROP’s customer- proving that this payload is not only superb in image quality, but lightweight enough to fly on a small balloon too!

The applications for these systems include a wide variety of military as well as law enforcement and homeland security programs. CONTROP payloads have a proven track record to the full satisfaction of all its customers, worldwide. These payloads have been chosen on a number of international and domestic surveillance programs as the optimal payloads to meet many surveillance requirements.
The LDP is a compact and lightweight day/night observation system with Laser Designator, especially configured for use on UAVs, reconnaissance aircraft, and helicopters. The DSP-1 and the LDP are four-gimbal systems, gyro-stabilized in azimuth and elevation allowing the EO Sensors’ lines of sight to be aimed and maintained stabilized. The systems uses two camera channels: InSb detector Thermal Imaging channel with continuous x36 continuous zoom lens and a high resolution color CCD Daylight channel with a x20 zoom lens. These payloads are easily integrated onto a wide variety of carrying vehicles thorough a flexible configuration suitable to any specific application.