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Hangars and Sunshades for Military Aircraft and Helicopters

Airforce hangar specialist Rubb Buildings designs, manufactures and constructs relocatable rapid erect hangars and sunshades for military fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.


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Rubb Buildings

Airforce hangar specialist Rubb Buildings designs, manufactures and constructs relocatable rapid erect hangars and sunshades for military fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

High-quality hangars for airforce support in adverse environments, climates and terrain

All Rubb military aviation storage warehouses, aircraft shelters and aircraft sunshades are designed to be rapidly deployed worldwide.

Rubb provides durable and field maintainable, high-quality hangars to support airforce requirements in challenging environmental conditions, climates and terrain.

The 25m EFASS is currently the largest military helicopter hangar in the EFASS range, specifically designed for maintenance of the MH-47 Chinook military helicopter.
EFASS military storage warehouses are currently being used by many military organisations around the world, including the UK Royal Air Force (RAF).
Rubb's military warehouse facilities are available in three span sizes including 11.1m (36ft), 20.4m (67ft) and 25m (82ft) by any length.
Typical lengths range from 28m (92ft) to 100m (328ft) and are extendable by 4m (13ft) bays.
A rear-end view of a MH-47 Chinook military helicopter with crane.
Rubb has introduced an integral roof mounted crane system to enhance the EFASS.
The maintenance and storage aircraft shelters were designed to accommodate fixed-wing aircraft.
Based on a team of 11, the most recent 25m (82ft) x 100m (328ft) military warehouse was erected in just 13 days.
The EFASS aircraft hangar from the pilot's viewpoint.
The EFASS aircraft hangar has been adapted into a functional aircraft sunshade to protect vital aircraft and crews from searing temperatures and powerful UV rays.

Rubb’s hangars are fully demountable for upcoming missions.

RAF complied EFASS military aircraft hangars

The Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System (EFASS) range of military structures is available in three span widths by any length, with different door options to accommodate fixed-wing aircraft and rotary wing aircraft.

Span widths include 11.1m, 20.4m and 25m, with Heli-Door, Trident and Roller Shutter door options. Hangars can be equipped if necessary with a 2,000kg gantry crane, facilitating airforce maintenance operations and craft maneuverability around the facility.

EFASS military aircraft hangars have been designed to comply with a stringent compliance matrix from the UK Royal Air Force, which required rapid deployment capabilities worldwide.

The storage and maintenance aircraft shelters were designed to accommodate fixed wing aircraft, particularly focusing on the Tornado, where they had to perform as a front-line maintenance and storage hangar and a sunshade (both doors open).

All EFASS aircraft storage facilities pack into 20ft ISO containers for transport worldwide.

With a proven and trusted track record, worldwide clients include the UK, USA, Canadian, Lithuanian and UAE forces. Rubb’s expertise is the ideal solution to meet your airforce’s building requirements.

Aluminium and steel hybrid helicopter maintenance structures

Recent additions to the military range include aluminium and steel hybrid EFASS helicopter maintenance structures especially designed for Horizon Flight Academy (EFASS SV) and the EFASS UAV POD.

The EFASS range of military structures is manufactured at the company’s plant in the UK.

About Rubb Buildings

Rubb Buildings is a world leader in the design and manufacture of relocatable, custom-made engineered fabric structures.

Ground-breaking military buildings (aircraft hangars, storage facilities and shelters), specialist sports buildings and structures for a variety of sectors including environmental (waste and recycling), bulk storage, construction, ports and aviation are also available.

All products are designed and manufactured at the Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, UK. The company also has facilities in the USA and Norway.

Rubb was founded in 1977 and has a history of delivering innovative and quality structures to a wide range of clients.

White Papers

  • RUBB Aviation Hangars

    Rubb’s innovative aircraft hangars are custom designed to suit our clients’ storage and maintenance needs. Rubb Buildings Ltd is a leading provider of tailor-made aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul hangars.

  • RUBB Aircraft and UAV Hangars

    Rubb’s military hangars and shelters are designed to be rapidly deployed and quickly constructed anywhere in the world.

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Products & services

  • Aircraft Hangars

    The EFASS military aircraft hangar is mission ready to support defence operations out in the field. These defence standard military aircraft hangars can accommodate a wide variety of fixed wing aircraft and rotary wing aircraft for storage, maintenance, and swift deployment.

  • Military Warehouses

    The EFASS warehouse superstructures are ideal for all types of military storage and logistical operation as they provide a space with large clear internal dimensions. The structure design capabilities are exactly the same as the EFASS aircraft and helicopter hangars.

  • Military Sunshades

    The EFASS aircraft hangar has been specially converted into a functional aircraft sunshade to protect vital aircraft and crews from searing temperatures and powerful UV rays.

  • Vehicle Hangars

    Rubb’s Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System (EFASS) range features relocatable rapid erect hangars, which are suitable for military land and sea vehicle maintenance and storage requirements.

  • UAV Hangars

    The Rubb Military UAV storage and maintenance hangars benefit from a low internal volume. This makes the facilities more cost-effective to maintain (electrics, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and is designed to be compatible with military loadings.

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