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Specialty Aviation Lubricants

NYCO is a worldwide recognized specialist of aviation lubricants and synthetic esters that has developed its extensive know-how to provide highly valuable solutions in various areas, from military lubricants to specialty industrial applications.

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NYCO is a worldwide recognized specialist of aviation lubricants and synthetic esters that has developed its extensive know-how to provide highly valuable solutions in various areas, from military lubricants to specialty industrial applications. A French independent and privately owned company, we are the sole European producer of aviation lubricants.

Our international networks and highest quality standards commitment have enabled us to extend our footprint over 90 countries across the world, with more than 80% of our sales.

Our ambition is to support the sustainable growth of our customers wherever they are located in the world and to continuously anticipate their needs and provide them with effective and innovative solutions that combine economic and energy efficiency, technical excellence and safety and environment performance.

Our strategy is to strengthen our global position as a leading supplier of lubricating solutions for defense forces and the civil aviation industry.

A wide range of NYCO products are operated on Rafale aircraft, including Turbonycoil 600 for the gas turbines and Hydraunycoil FH2 in the landing gear.
Turbonycoil 400 has been specifically developed to withstand extremely high temperatures without degradation and to keep exceptional fluidity at low temperatures. It is currently used on F-22 Raptors.
NYCO provides a wide range of aviation lubricants for Russian type aircraft, such as Mikoyan MIG-29.
NYCO lubricants have been successfully used on eastern-type helicopters such as the Mi-24.
Turbonycoil 600 is validated on numerous engines from CFM56 to PW100 series and operated on several airline companies.

Specialty lubricants for defense forces

NYCO’s lubricants portfolio for military applications, although primarily based on synthetic esters products, also includes a range of mineral oils. The high thermal stability, low volatility and the outstanding low temperature fluidity of the synthetic basestocks account for their selection in the formulation of lubricants for equipment operating over a very wide range of temperatures including extremes of low and high temperature.

Our unique range of military products contains more than 160 different products, used in various applications in all three armed forces: army, air force and navy. NYCO products are approved by the major European and American military authorities such as the US Department of Defense and the British, French, Belgium, German and Italian Ministries of Defense.

For almost 30 years NYCO has also been developing substitutes for the lubricants manufactured in Russia, according to the relevant original specifications. Therefore today, through a continuing cooperation with the local authorities, NYCO is the sole manufacturer able to offer a complete range of products for applications on Russian/Ukraine-made as well as US/European-made military equipment.

Our military products range consists of:

Lubricating oils for gas turbine engines

TURBONYCOIL: Lubricating oils for gas turbine engines powering aircrafts, helicopters, aircraft carriers, frigates and ground equipments.

  • Turbonycoil 600: for more information please refer to the table in image 4
  • Turbonycoil 160: F16, F15, F5 fighters
  • Turbonycoil 400: F22 Raptor, and F-18 in cold climates
  • Turbonycoil 699: Tornado (RB199) , BAE Hawk Trainer (Adour 951),
  • Turbonycoil 13B: Mirage III, IV, F1, 2000, Super Etendard
  • Turbonycoil 35M: BAe Harrier, HS-748 Chitra, Mk-I, Mk-II, Helicopters, Sea King MK 42, Fokker 27
  • Turbonycoil 3512: legacy aircrafts such as Fouga Magister, Alouette 2
  • Turbonycoil 3516: turbo engines (limited to cold parts), preservation
  • Turbonycoil 280P: instruments, Rover engines, preservation
  • Turbonycoil 98 (analog B-3V): Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24, Let 410
  • Turbonycoil 210A (analog IPM-10): Mig-29, Su-27/30, Mi-26, An-140,
  • Turbonycoil 306 (analog SM-4,5): An-12, 24…32, Il-38
  • Turbonycoil 321 (analog MS8P): Mig 21, Mig-25, Tu-154, Il-76, Ka-25

Mineral and synthetic lubricating oils and greases

HYDRAUNYCOIL: Mineral and synthetic based fluids for aviation, marine and army equipment and hydraulic systems. They are designed to work in hostile environments where extreme temperatures or fire hazardous conditions prevail. Almost all military equipments use one of the three hydraulic fluids below:

  • Hydraunycoil FH2 (H-537): (F4, C-130, Tornado, AH-16, UH-1M, CH-47, A10 )
  • Hydraunycoil FH42 (H-538): (FH16, Typhon Eurofighter, C-135, U2, EK/KC/RC-135, HH-60 / E-3, B-1/B-2/B-52, Northtrop Gruman, Raytheon, Learjet, Cessna)
  • Hydraunycoil FH51 (H-515): hydraulic system and thrust reverser control, front and main landing gear shock struts, for occidental and especially Russian aircraft (analog AMG-10)

NYCO GREASE: Mineral and synthetic greases formulated according to British, French, German, US and Russian specifications, which constitute a showcase of NYCO’s technology, stretching from a fully comprehensive range of aviation greases to a selected choice of greases for naval and ground military equipment.

NYCOLUBE: Mineral and synthetic lubricating oils for special applications such as aircraft instruments and helicopters gear boxes and transmissions or weapon protection.

NYCOPROTEC: Mineral oils, compounds and greases which protect mechanisms and equipment against corrosion during storage after production or between uses.

NYCOSOL: Aircraft fuel system, icing inhibitor, etc.

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  • Xian Y-20 Heavy Military Transport Aircraft

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