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What to watch out for at DSEI 2021: Gary Waterfall Q&A

DSEI 2021 opens its shutters on 14 September. After 18 months of Covid restrictions, it will be one of the largest defence industry trade shows taking place this year, and it will inarguably be unlike any other. We talk to DSEI senior defence advisor Air Vice Marshal (ret.) Gary Waterfall about what to expect.

The role of space in multidomain operations: Raytheon Q&A

Raytheon UK business development executive, space Paul Day spoke at the recent Space-Comm expo about how to integrate space to achieve multidomain command and control. He explains what that means for the defence and commercial space sectors.

Where commercial and defence space meet – UKSA Q&A

During the recent Space-Comm exhibition, the UKSA’s Ian Annett discussed the increasing interdependence between commercial and defence space programmes and capabilities.

Defence solutions march on scene at IFS World Conference

Aerospace and defence was top of the agenda at IFS’s recent World Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, US. At the event, the multinational enterprise software company’s executive team told Berenice Baker about its latest innovations that support armed forces and their supply chains.

IFS introduces defence products at world conference

Multinational enterprise software company IFS has launched a range of products to support the defence industry at its World Conference 2018, held 1-3 May in Atlanta, Georgia, US.