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Joint Strike Missile (JSM)
15 July, 2014 The Joint Strike Missile (JSM) is a fifth-generation, long-range, precision-guided, stand-off missile system designed by Kongsberg Defence Systems and being developed for the Norwegian Armed...

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EIIT Delivers 'Fly-by-Wire' Integration Test Bench to Airbus Defence & Space
11 July, 2014 EIIT has delivered to Airbus Defence & Space an integration bench to test the capabilities of the control units in charge of the hydraulic servo actuators for the rudder and the elevators in...

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Fresh focus on UK defence at Farnborough 2014
16 July, 2014 At this year's Farnborough Air Show held in Hampshire, it is UK defence, rather than commercial aerospace, which is the centre of attention. As the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review...