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Thales has signed a contract with The Weststar Group’s Global Komited to deliver its integrated advanced air defence system, ForceSHIELD, to the Malaysian Armed Forces.

The solution includes STARStreak missiles, CONTROLMaster 200 radar and weapon coordination systems, RAPIDRanger and RAPIDRover mobile weapon systems.

In addition, ForceSHIELD also combines the next-generation lightweight multiple launcher and associated communications.

Thales UK CEO Victor Chavez said: "I am delighted that another country has decided to buy ForceSHIELD.

"This latest-generation sensors to effectors solution will give Malaysia a world class, cutting edge capability.

"Increasing our export sales is a key part of Thales’ growth strategy and today’s news marks another milestone."

Thales’ STARStreak missile is based on high velocity principle that defeats threats with short unmasking times.

With its three-dart configuration, the missile maximises lethality, while the accurate laser beam riding guidance enables engagement of small signature targets.

With this solution, Malaysian Armed Forces will be able to replace and improve the previously commissioned Thales STARBurst missile system, which has been in service since the mid 1990s.

"This latest-generation sensors to effectors solution will give Malaysia a world class, cutting edge capability."

Thales manufactures its STARStreak missiles and launcher systems at its facility in Belfast, while the CONTROLMaster by Thales in France.

The new development is expected to increase jobs in Belfast and create high value added jobs and skills set in Malaysia through a programme of technology transfer, the company stated.

In August, the US Air Force (USAF) awarded a contract to Thales for the delivery of deployable instrument landing systems (D-ILS).

The USAF will be able to use the system in airfield environments where the ability to deliver precision guidance to aircraft on final approach during low visibility or low-ceiling weather condition.

Image: The previously commissioned Thales STARBurst missile system. Photo: courtesy of Thales Group.