The Royal Thailand Air Force (RTAF) has successfully conducted tests to demonstrate the ability of Caylym's Guardian containerised aerial fire fighting system (CAFFS) to put out wildfires.

During the tests, each Guardian that was dropped from RTAF's Hercules C-130H created an overlapping cloudburst that fell and soaked the target area.

Two sorties and four drops were successfully conducted from the C-27J Spartan, the C-130 Hercules and the C-123 Provider as part of the demonstration.

The RTAF observed how gently each of the empty boxes landed in the target area and the design of the drogue-chute-like box cap which ensures the boxes descend softly, the company said.

The crate sized Guardian can be deployed from a common cargo plane without any special equipment or outfitting.

Weighing less than 55kg, Guardian comes with a 1,000l bladder that can be filled with fire extinguishing and suppression materials.

Using a military designed logic system and GPS, the low-velocity, air-delivered Guardian lands within feet of its target, Caylym said in a statement.

"It takes only minutes to assemble, fill and load the Guardian CAFFS."

It takes only minutes to assemble, fill and load the Guardian CAFFS.

The Guardian has passed the US military's tests and has been approved for Department of Defense testing operations.

Several governments are currently looking for alternatives to respond to the increasing threat and destruction of wildfires.

Image: Guardians being loaded onto a C-130. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / Caylym Technologies.