An Indian Air Force (IAF) Hawk trainer aircraft has crashed near Kharagpur in the state of West Bengal, India.

The aircraft, which took off from Kalaikunda airbase, was on a routine training mission when it crashed on 4 August.

The crash occurred immediately after the aircraft took off from the airbase as it developed unserviceability.

"Both the pilots were able to successfully eject from the aircraft."

Both the pilots were able to successfully eject from the aircraft.

A statement released by the Indian Ministry of Defence said that a court of inquiry has been ordered to investigate the accident.

No damage has been reported on the ground associated with the crash.

In June last year, another Hawk had crashed after it had got airborne from Kalaikunda station due to a technical problem, The Press Trust of India reported.

As of 2015, a total of 123 Hawk aircraft were on order by the IAF.

The latest crash occurred after IAF's Antonov An-32 aircraft went missing over the Bay of Bengal on 22 July.

The location of the aircraft with 29 people on-board is still not found.

US satellites and a deep-sea rescue ship from Russia joined the search for the missing military transport aircraft, reported The Times of India.

The IAF currently operates more than 100 Antonov-32 aircraft, which can fly in all weather conditions for up to four hours without refuelling.