The H125 helicopter is used for civil and military applications. Credit: Airbus.
Brazil placed an order for 27 H125 helicopters for use by the Brazilian Air Force and the Brazilian Navy. Credit: Airbus.
The Ecuadorian Army Aviation Brigade operates the H125 for transportation, aerial surveillance and support missions in the event of natural disasters. Credit: Airbus Helicopters Latin America.

H125 is a high-performance single-engine, multi-role helicopter manufactured by Airbus Helicopters, part of aerospace and defence company Airbus.

Part of Airbus’ Ecureuil family of helicopters, the H125 helicopter is used by military forces as a training platform and law enforcement agencies for surveillance, border patrol, search, command and control, rescue, and special operations.

It can perform a range of missions including firefighting, aerial surveys, crop spraying, passenger transportation, emergency medical services, and private and business aviation in the civilian configuration.

The helicopter was previously known as AS350 B3e and was rebranded H125 in 2015. It has clocked more than 37 million flight hours to date. More than 5,350 helicopters are currently in service with different operators worldwide.

H125 design and features

The H125 is a light utility helicopter, which provides enhanced performance in high altitude and hot environments. It is known for its ruggedness, reliability, and easy maintenance. It is fitted with a range of mission equipment such as a winch and a hook to support the pilot training needs of armed forces.

The design allows the helicopter to be reconfigured within a short time to meet the different mission requirements of the customer.

The airframe, rotors and main rotor head are made of composite material to provide heightened protection against corrosion.

The helicopter has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 2,250 kg and MTOW with external load of 2,800kg. It has a rotor diameter of 10.69m and a sling capacity of 1,400kg. It can accommodate one or two pilots and up to six passengers.


The H125 features a glass cockpit instrument panel with Garmin G500H TXi touchscreen and a vehicle & engine multifunction display (VEMD). The dual LCD-screen VEMD allows the pilot to monitor the main vehicle and engine parameters, thereby reducing workload on the pilot.

The cabin features an unobstructed flat floor that supports the installation of equipment such as instrument panels, infrared cameras and tactical consoles, for different missions.

Furthermore, the rotorcraft comes with night vision goggles for night flight operations.

Engine and performance

The helicopter is powered by a Arriel 2D engine with a dual-channel full authority digital engine control system (FADEC), made by Safran Helicopter Engines, a subsidiary of Safran, a multi-national provider of aircraft equipment and propulsion, defence, and space equipment.

An independent control system enables automatic start-up sequences and easy engine handling. The engine is also fitted with a data recorder, which enables tracking of any damage to the engine for predictive maintenance.

The H125 has a fuel tank capacity of 426kg. The maximum range with the standard fuel tanks is 630km, while the maximum flight endurance is four hours and 30 minutes. The helicopter can fly at a maximum speed of 155kt and a cruise speed of 140kt.

It can reach an altitude of 7,010m at a rate of climb of 10m/s.

Airbus H125 orders and deliveries

Airbus Helicopters announced a contract to supply 27 H125 helicopters to the Brazilian Air Force and the Brazilian Navy in September 2022.

The helicopters will be manufactured at Helibras’ existing H125 final assembly line in Itajubá, Brazil. Helibras is a subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters.

The helicopters will replace the Brazilian Air Force’s AS350 and the Brazilian Navy’s Bell 206 helicopters. They will be used to train the future pilots of the Brazilian armed forces.

Airbus Helicopters received a contract to supply 28 NH90 military helicopters and 16 H125 light single-engine helicopters to the Qatar Armed Forces Air Academy, at the DIMDEX defence exhibition in March 2018. The contract requires the company to supply the helicopters in training configuration.

The company was awarded a contract to supply two H125 helicopters for the Ecuadorian Army Aviation Brigade in November 2017. The first helicopter was delivered in January 2018.