The US Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) has selected Virtualitics to provide artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions to increase the service’s aircraft availability and mission readiness.

The contract will see the data exploration company establish a new ‘Centre of Excellence’ that can serve as a hub in delivering AI-based services for the AFGSC’s bomber and missile weapon systems.

The AI solution will also provide actionable data to the associated warfighters, airmen and commanders, allowing them to predict manpower needs and maintenance requirements, as well as optimise supply chain applications, as well as manage the inventory.

The technology will connect different enterprises by identifying aircraft maintenance and readiness requirements and aligning them with the necessary resources and available equipment.

US Air Force (USAF) major general (retired) Jeff Taliaferro said: “Predictive maintenance will absolutely change the game for commanders.

“Virtualitics makes it possible for not only improved day-to-day decisions but even deployment decisions.

“Knowing in advance an aircraft will need major repair before deployment enables much better decisions that could save missions and millions of taxpayer dollars.”

The AFGSC and Virtualitics partnership will contribute to the USAF’s efforts to enhance mission-capable (MC) rates, which is a prime metric to indicate the fleet’s status and readiness.

With the deployment of an AI solution, AFGSC will identify/predict aircraft failure and raise the MC rates working with Virtualitics.

This will be addressed by matching the right technician/resource with the right job to perform routine maintenance and avoid future unplanned downtime.

Virtualitics CEO and co-founder Michael Amori said: “The partnership reiterates Virtualitics’ momentum in federal space.

“Gartner named us a 2022 Cool Vendor for analytics and data science and that recognition is only reaffirmed when we earn the trust of organisations as well-respected as AFGSC.”