Calspan has won a contract at the US Air Force (USAF) Test Pilot School (TPS).

Located at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB), California, US, the school trains the USAF’s top pilots, navigators and engineers.

Training is provided on how to conduct flight tests and produce data for test missions of existing and future military aircraft and airborne systems.

Under the five-year contract, the USAF TPS curriculum will continue to include Calspan’s variable-stability Learjets.

The company currently has a fleet of four Learjet in-flight simulators, which are used to test aircraft flight control laws and handling qualities in actual flight.

Calspan is also responsible for providing experienced instructor test pilots.

This contract marks the completion of a half-century relationship between Calspan and the USAF TPS.

Calspan CEO and test pilot Lou Knotts said: “We are proud to continue our long-standing partnership with AFTPS.

“This contract reinforces the value Calspan brings to the school and we look forward to participating in the ever-evolving curriculum used to train the next generation of flight testers.”

Most of the pilots from Calspan are former US military personnel, who graduated from USAF TPS or other military test pilot schools.

In July 2017, Calspan secured a contract with USAF TPS. The $20m five-year contract included support for Variable Stability In-Flight Simulator and Test Aircraft (VISTA) NF-16 aircraft.

The company maintains a full-time staff at Edwards Air Force base.