The US Central Command (USCENTCOM) has said that two B-52H bombers conducted a multinational patrol mission across the Middle East.

According to USCENTCOM, the mission is aimed at deterring aggression and reassuring partners and allies of the US Army’s commitment to the region’s security.

During the flight, multiple partner nations and the US Air Force (USAF) fighter jets accompanied the bombers at various points, including Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

US Central Command said in a statement: “The US Air Force routinely moves aircraft and personnel into, out of, and around the US Central Command area of responsibility to meet mission requirements, and to train with regional partners, underscoring the importance of strategic partnerships.

“Temporary long-range bomber deployments into the region dates back to 2015.”

The latest mission marks this year’s fourth bomber deployment into the Middle East. It is also the second under President Joe Biden administration.

In January, two B-52 bombers flew a 36-hour, non-stop mission from the 5th Bomb Wing’s home at Minot Air Force Base to the Arabian Gulf and back.

The B-52H is the USAF’s long-range, large-payload multirole bomber and serves as the nation’s principal strategic nuclear and conventional weapons platform.

It primarily serves the US with immediate ‘nuclear and conventional global strike capability’.

The bomber entered service in 1961 and supports the US Navy in anti-surface and submarine warfare missions.