The US Air Force (USAF) has assembled a cross-functional team to explore electronic warfare (EW) throughout the electromagnetic spectrum.

As a military action, EW involves the use of electromagnetic and directed energy in order to control the electromagnetic spectrum or to attack the enemy.

Known as an enterprise capability collaboration team, the cross-functional group is led by Cyberspace Operations and Warfighting Integration director, Office of Information Dominance and USAF chief information officer brigadier general David Gaedecke.

Gaedecke said: “The airforce and our nation need to maintain superiority in the electromagnetic spectrum.

“The spectrum is so broad, relied upon by all, and increasingly congested, so the first challenge of this effort is to scope the issue.”

“Superiority in the electromagnetic spectrum is fundamental to the new National Defense Strategy.”

The enterprise capability collaboration team intends to call together a group of stakeholders from across major commands, joint partners, coalition, and industry with an aim to address a future congested electromagnetic spectrum.

Over 12 to 18 months, the new group will carry out research works and develop a strategy that would help deliver executable recommendations for the service to maintain a competitive advantage in the spectrum.

Gaedecke added: “It’s those executable recommendations and how they will align and integrate into ongoing airforce efforts like multi-domain command and control that are the ultimate goal.

“Superiority in the electromagnetic spectrum is fundamental to the new National Defense Strategy.

“To be a lethal force of the future, we need to lead in research, technology, and innovation. Superiority in the spectrum underpins all of these.”