The US Air Force (USAF)’s 325th Fighter Wing (FW) based in Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida is set to receive F-35A Lightning II aircraft starting from September 2023.

The move is part of the National Defense Strategy to enhance air superiority goals.

Currently, Tyndall personnel and contractors are working to prepare the airbase to accommodate the F-35 jets.

The initiative is led by 325 FW F-35 Program Integration Office (PIO).

The PIO has already worked with engineers from the 325th Civil Engineer Squadron to devise a plan to optimise operational and combat readiness.

The departments are now working to ensure the F-35A mission has the necessary capabilities, as well as plan future build-up.

325th FW F-35 PIO communications lead technical sergeant Ward Swenson said: “There are multiple bases who have stood up F-35 squadrons, so we ask them questions.

“We all have a slightly different mission, but overall, the main scope of the project is the same; how do we get the F-35s here and make it as seamless as possible. We are trying to posture ourselves so we can be ready [upon their arrival].”

The PIO, comprising members from various backgrounds, particularly devises interior and exterior requirements of the F-35A facilities to ensure seamless integration.

Subsequently, Tyndall’s Program Management Office designs 3D diagrams of the development and reconstruction.

Meanwhile, the 325 FW is continuing to train airmen to support combat operations.

Stationing F-35A jets at Tyndall will bolster USAF’s capabilities to provide air superiority and global precision attack in high-end threat environments.