The US, Italian and Polish fighter jets have carried out a series of aerial manoeuvres to support the Nato’s air shielding mission.

The one-day planned event involved participation of Italian Eurofighter aircraft, Polish Air Force’s F-16 fighter jets and MiG-29 aircraft and the US Air Force’s (USAF) F-22 Raptor aircraft

The event was observed by international and Polish media, flying aboard two Polish Casa C-295 transport aircraft.

During the exercise, participating allied fighter aircraft conducted an intercept training with another participant aircraft, simulating a series of steps that Nato undertakes to counter a potential aerial threat.

This was followed by fighter jets performing coordinated aerial precision manoeuvres, including close formation flights, escorts and intercepts, with a transport aircraft.

USAF 90th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron commander lieutenant colonel Michael Kendall said: “What that looks like is an enhanced posture on eastern flank of Nato territory, not only to deter our adversaries, but also to assure our Allies that we are ready to respond to any threat, any time.

“Since being in European theatre, we’ve integrated and trained with more than ten Nato allies which has increased our interoperability and readiness, providing this region a credible, effective deterrent in an evolving threat environment.”

The exercise aimed to hone participants’ planning and flying skills by exchanging the techniques, tactics and procedures.

The USAF’s F-22 fighters detachment that took part in this exercise has been deployed to Lask Air Base (AB) since August last year, to strengthen transatlantic links.

Besides, Lask AB is the home base for Polish F-16 aircraft and the Italian Eurofighters joined the drills from Malbork, where the detachment was deployed to support Nato’s enhanced Air Policing mission.